7 Real World Ways to Know If You’re Stressed

It is amazing how stress can ruin our lives. There are many books and articles that can be read. How many people are able to apply these ideas? It’s hard to not get upset when you’re out in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic, or when another telemarketer calls to try to sell Viagra right as your dinner is about to be served.

When you’re looking for something to help you fall asleep at night, experts recommend books. It is not easy to relieve stress in the real world. It is up to you to recognize stress and find ways to relieve it.

In this vein, I created my own list to help me recognize when stress is taking control of my life. These signs might also be true for you.

I consume more coffee than water.

Coffee is a favorite of mine. It’s the aroma, taste, and texture that I love. Every morning, I have coffee. My switch off time is 10am. It’s then water. You know better than me!

My sister gave me some amazing everyday glasses as a wedding present (thanks, Sue!). It makes it even more enjoyable to drink pure, clean water.

I speak more to my computer screen then to my spouse.

I spend a lot of time online. Yes, we are very close – I love my imac!

But I love my husband even more. Sometimes I feel like I am ignoring him because I’m working with this technology. Usually, I recognize when it happens and make amends to him later.

My goal is to keep my thoughts on track while still being considerate of my partner. In this situation, patience is a virtue.

I talk a lot about exercising, but I don’t actually do it.

Before getting married, I used to go to the gym every day for two hours. I felt so fit ….

It’s still something I do, but it now happens when Mark is on the same schedule. It’s great to do things “together”. It can be difficult to stick to healthy habits (e.g., exercising on a regular basis).

This means that I have covered both ends of the continuum, from going to the gym every day to not so often. Balance is what I now need. Understanding the situation is the first step towards getting there.
I think I’m on my way. It’s a relief!

My hair looks so much better when I don’t wash it for three days.

Yes, it’s true. Part of it is because I dye my hair. The gray shows through more as I wash my hair more. Let’s face it, girls, the salt-n pepper look is not as attractive on women as it is on men.

However, I love having my hair clean and fresh every day. Jeff, my hair guy, is just too great to quit. This is the compromise I made. My hair is beautiful with just a hint mcginnis sisters of gray. It is a proud accessory. Wisdom is a way to keep our egos in check. “Down boy.”

I’m driving home from work when I lose track of which exit I should use.

Perhaps it was because I was temporarily out of my range. This is actually quite scary. You’re not kidding! This one I attribute to a lack of sleep or lack of proper rest.

It may be that I drink less tea or water a few hours before going to bed. I won’t go into detail. This means that I will need to drink more water between the hours of 10 and 5pm. You have to do what is necessary…

I prefer to use paper plates than wash dishes.

This is a hard one for me to quit doing. I hate washing dishes. It is really not my favorite thing to do.

My 14-year-old step-son loves the paper plates and helps me make burgers and pizza.
So, I’m letting myself slide for now. As I said, balance is important. If someone feels strongly about this issue, let me know. I love the earth and do use recycled paper plates.

I like the “wrinkled look”

It’s not that I don’t like it. Some days, I just don’t care. For the most part, I work from home. Mark and I work together on the computer at my office. Mark is my gauge. This helps me keep the wrinkles under control. I can tell if he looks younger than me that I need to do more. Keep in mind that my husband is very good at personal hygiene. This was a must-have for me when I first started dating after my divorce. I like clean men.

I digress, sorry. It is not easy to keep stress-inducing behaviors under control. It takes patience, understanding, compromise, and consideration. There are probably many other things I am forgetting. As with all important aspects of life, it’s important to take care.

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